Debaser Strand 2017-05-03 2017-05-03
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Lottarox Basement | ERIK RAPP + guests
Ons 3 MajStrand, bar brooklyn

Lottarox Basement | ERIK RAPP + guests

Ons 3 Maj 18-01 strand, bar brooklyn 18 år

Lottarox Basement | ERIK RAPP + guests

Lottarox Basement is back! To showcase the most exciting new sensations at Debaser's Bar Brooklyn. Wed 3 maj.....ERIK RAPP live & special guests. 

✦ ERIK RAPP Erik Rapp is a singular talent. An extraordinary vocal ability allied with a lyrical dexterity built upon rock solid pop foundations.

Late last year Erik featured on the Killian & Jo global smash Suburbia, a club chart hit across Europe with over 15 million plays on Spotify, now residing in Berlin he’s beginning work on his debut album. Emboldened by success and inspired by his new surroundings, Erik is “very liberated here, I feel like I’m doing something special”.

“It all actually happened to me, every song became a part of my own love story.” explains Erik “You can hear my voice changing over that period. It represents me and my feelings, over those four tracks and two years".

Forthcoming single Look Like Lovers is a gospel requiem for those final months of a relationship. “It’s the end point, you know what a good relationship looks like and want to hold on, but it’s going to get very bad, very, very soon.”


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