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FRESH. 00s & 90s!! | SEASON FINALE
Lör 26 AugStrand, stora scenen

FRESH. 00s & 90s!! | SEASON FINALE

Lör 26 Aug Öppet kl 22-03 strand, stora scenen 20 år

FRESH. 00s & 90s!! | SEASON FINALE

Turn on your 00s & 90s memories, Expect a rush of mega-hits from start to the end!

Dear Friends…..Welcome to celebrate, our SEASON FINALE!  (>‿◠)   What amazing 3 summers that we had! 
FRESH. A hell of a party with friends, new friends, so much energy, so much dance, so much love….In the true spirit of Nostalgia. 

Building up, a new community with glorious Hits and guilty Pleasures from 00’s & 90’s !! 

Come on in & help us to dream back to the future, like no tomorrow.  FRESH. 00’s & 90’s is going for a long holiday after this one….So if you are in town, make sure to be there!
✦  Tell Your Friends! 
However FRESH. Prince is no good in goodbyes, so u never know… It will be a time back for “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” ? or “Spice Up Your Life “? Who knows….
But now, let’s shut up on the emotional & give room to the party! 

✦ Join us to make this EPIC!
Get involved, bring down your YO!Vibe and help us, loosing it ”Back for good”.

✦ FRESH. is a night started to HAVE FUN // BE SOCIAL // MAKE OUT // BE FREE …
VJ set with Bombastic Live Visuals, MTV Videos, Decor as Max, Free Glowsticks……MORE ! To boost the FRESH. experience together on the dance floor, have a look at your summer clothing and dress to impress ! Like we are on a summer beach, back to 1999!

✦  Turn on your 00s & 90s memories…..Expect a rush of mega-hits from start to the end ! 
“Because we are your friends // You’ll never be alone again // Oh, come on, oh come onOh, come on, oh come on……” (>‿◠) 


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