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5'NIZZA (UA) - Inställt
Sön 12 NovStrand, stora scenen

5'NIZZA (UA) - Inställt

Sön 12 Nov Öppnar kl 19 strand, stora scenen 18 år

5'NIZZA (UA) - Inställt

5'NIZZA (UA) ställer in sin spelning

Vi har just nåtts av beskedet att 5'NIZZA har valt att ställa in turnén och därmed spelningen på Debaser 12 november. Skälet är att de av tekniska problem inte kan genomföra den planerade turnén.Vi återköper samtliga biljetter då inget nytt datum kan presenteras i nuläget.

...How come - an acoustic duo from Kharkiv, Ukraine is getting venues packed all over Europe??

5’NIZZA is truly one of the most outstanding music phenomena from Eastern Europe. Their music is a happy cosmopolitan mix of reggae, Latin, rock and hip hop, performed in a minimalistic style limited only to vocals, beatboxing, and an acoustic guitar. 

5’NIZZA (“Friday” in Russian) was born in 2000 when high school friends Sergey Babkin (guitar) and Andrey “Sun” Zaporozhets (vocals) started playing together. Magic things started happening after the first festival appearance at Kazantip music openair and the first demo “Unplugged”.  Within only several months their songs spread like forest fire all over Ukraine, the Post-Soviet and Eastern Europe. One acoustic guitar and two vibrant voices were more than enough to gather arenas, and 5’NIZZA’s popularity kept growing from year to year since then.

In 2003 the band released their first full-length album “Pyatnitsa”.  The second album O’5 (“Opyat” –“Again” in Ukrainian) was released in 2005. During the recording of the third album in 2007, Sergey and Andrey didn’t agree on the new music concept and decided to disband: both started to pursue solo projects.   

In 2015 5’NIZZA announced their long-awaited reunion. The first single "I Believe In You" was released, followed by "Vperyod" and "Ale". The result was easy to predict: sold-out shows from London to Siberia. The third studio album “KU!” was released in 2017.

‘KU (in Russian) is a warm-hearted friendly greeting. We carefully preserve the part of us that we loved so much, and we try to give a new life to our music structure. This album is a sort of a splash, a knot tied with impressions and emotions, redefined views on the world and on life in general’, Sergey Babkin says. 

‘Our third album is an adult’s return to the kids' playground. An unbelievable synergy of two contrasting elements that turned into something entirely different - that is best described by the word KU!’, Andrey Zaporoshets adds.

For the first time in history 5’NIZZA comes to Finland and Sweden with a full scale solo show - to present their new album “KU!”. Light up your November with 5’NIZZA: this is a show you simply cannot miss!


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