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Stillborn + support
Fre 12 JanStrand, stora scenen

Stillborn + support


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Fre 12 Jan 19-03 strand, stora scenen 20 år (18 år med förköpsbiljett)
gothic metal

Stillborn + support

Stillborn is back! Gothic metal was stillborn in the late 80’s. But some 28 years ago a band left unforgettable trails in the Swedishunderground scene with a unique take on the doom genre.Stillborn combined a gloomy and darkened sound with the aesthetics of gothic rock, almost as straight out of an old horror movie. 

Now the members got back together and recorded a new album in the same spirit as their legendary debut “Necrospirituals”. Ten songs were written for the album, aptly titled “Nocturnals” and it was recorded and mixed at Studio Juicy Halftone in Copenhagen by Henrik Stendahl.  

With a refined sound, Stillborn will please their old fans that have been yearning for a new album as well as get new ones.In essence, this is Stillborn as we know them; sinister, eerie and with a subtle morbid twist.  

The new offering is scheduled to be released on Black Lodge/Sound Pollution this fall and will be preceded with a single.The band also aims to conduct a tour in connection with the release. 


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