Debaser Strand 2019-02-22 2019-02-22
Fre 22 FebStrand, stora scenen


KÖP BILJETT250 kr + förköpsavgift.

250 kr + förköpsavgift.

Fre 22 Feb Kl 19-03 strand, stora scenen 20 år (18 år med förköpsbiljett)


After releasing three albums, going on world tours, working with Robyn and Crookers, and doing a remix of Katy Perry's Hot & Cold, the French dance-pop band Yelle returns with the new single "OMG" (release date August the 21st) and the world wide tour ”Yelle Club Party”. The Yelle Club Party is a light live show and has been tested and approved by the Yelle fans attending the band's latest great tour in US.

In February 2019, Yelle Club Party is coming to Stockholm! No matter if you want to dance with your "Romeo", or just enjoy "Ici & Maintenant", be prepared for an amazing experience, and a show formula that will surely make you sweat!


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