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Stockholm Soul Weekender
Lör 6 JunStrand, bar brooklyn

Stockholm Soul Weekender

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Lör 6 Jun Kl 22 strand, bar brooklyn 20 år
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Stockholm Soul Weekender


Family Circle is very proud to present

A selection of Sweden and the rest of Europe’s most established/up and coming/innovative/floor-packing spinners with a heady mix of rare, not so rare, underplayed and just plain good 60’s, 70’s and 80’s soul. 

Friday and Saturday Night 22 - 03at Bar Brooklyn, Hornstulls strand 4.

As usual we have an amazing line up of some of the best dj’s in Europe and UK!

Arthur Fenn
Soulful Jules
Carib Soul
Bob Snow
Andreas Dienel
Jayney Somers
Karl Marthon
Terry Wright
Jordan Wilson
Claire Kalvis
Jim Edwards
Dr Kruger
Dave Girdwood
Lynne Girdwood
Lars Schröder
Jez Bishop
Henrik Åkerberg
Liam Flanders
Jan Hjalmarsson
Erik Höök
Fredrik Andersson
Jens Chreisti
Pete Shirley
Carl Hedberg

See you in Stockholm!