Debaser fanzine #1 2021

Foreword by the publisher:

Here you have 10 unique articles with 10 new artists that we like and want to share with you. They were exclusively made for us (Debaser) with the intention to distribute music and ideas that at the moment will not travel across our borders. These are artists that we hope will come to us next year if, and when restrictions in Europe are removed. 

In 2019, Debaser joined Liveurope, a one-of-a-kind initiative empowering concert venues to promote up-and-coming European artists. Though the pandemic made it difficult for us to book as many great new European acts as we had hoped, we still want to bring our audiences with the very best music our continent has to offer. So, while we can’t host these artists on our stage at this moment, we commissioned a series of short articles to give you a glimpse into some new sounds that you should definitely not miss out on!

Please enjoy and happy holidays!

Music with all artists in the Debaser fanzine #1:

How Wet Leg have us longing for teenagehood in the 2000s
By Carmen Bellot

TV Priest, the dad-rockers redefining post-punk in a post-pandemic age
By Anna Spyropoulos

Meet Pi Ja Ma: taking pop music back to its roots, and creating something new
By Thom Dent

Off Bloom is In Bloom
By Linda “Ayaba” Arowolo

An interview with Marinho
By Mya Berger

Lydmor: Live Music Lives On
By Abi Scaife

L’Épée: An Introspective
By Nina Klaff

ET Explore Me, what did I just watch?
By Mya Berger

Boy Pablo Grows Up, but Stays True
By Stefano Montali

Amelie Siba – a portrait
By Ellen Ackroyd