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The Barbwires 26 år + Los Plantronics (N) 26 år
Fre 29 OktStrand, bar brooklyn

The Barbwires 26 år + Los Plantronics (N) 26 år

Fre 29 Okt Dörrar 18.30
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strand, bar brooklyn 20 år (18 år med förköpsbiljett)
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The Barbwires 26 år + Los Plantronics (N) 26 år


In 2020 it's been 25 years since The Barbwires got together for the first time. In the beginning as part of a Bachelor Thesis on Surf Music for The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Kalle Fornia came up with the name (Slang for swedish instrumental music in the 1960´s) Mike wrote some songs, and J.R beat the hell out of the old Slingerland drums.

An album was recorded together with Thereminator, Pat Flash and Bubba Andy. The waves in Stockholm were too poor so most tours, shows, festivals and record releases were outside Sweden. But now we are back. Come celebrate 25 years of cold water surf ridning with our brothers and sisters in Los Plantronics, who also Celebrate 25 years of mariachi death surf!

LOS PLANTRONICS featuring Las Cariocas

Los Plantronics 4 piece debut gig, or The Plantronics as the band was called back then, was in 1995 at bar Tut Ankh Amon together with the more famous Gluecifer. It was an evening to support legendary record store Wild Mind. 

25 years later Los Plantronics is still here, but as a 11 person operation in mariachi-suits, Lucha Libre masks and with exotic flamenco dancers. The sound is a surf-fuzz-three guitarists-inferno, add a swirling Hammond-organ and layers of cantina horns on top. Los Plantronics are always moving-always bending their mariachi death surf twang. Their last opus “Surfing Times” on Jansen Records was released with splendid reviews in Q-magazine, World-music magazine Songlines, Uncut magazine 7/10, Vive le Rock 8/10, Guitarist Magazine gave it 8/10 and said ”for fans of Dick Dale, Los Lobos and Flat Duo Jets”. In 2017 the Los Plantronics photo-book  “Mariachi: Hecho en Noruega” saw the light of the day as well as a 2LP Best Of album called the “Worst Is Yet To Come”.

The big 5-0 (turned into 5-2) The Barbwires (S) ️ Los Plantronics (N)