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2021-10-09Strand, stora scenen


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Biljetter till den 11 december 2020 gäller även till det nya datumet
strand, stora scenen 20 år (18 år på förköp)
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Yelle är tillbaka med ett nytt album och en turné!

With 3 albums under its belt, 3 big tours around the world (including 3 Coachella), Yelle took a pause.
They released four singles in two years and played some Yelle Club Party gigs, while the duo considered what Yelle's next step could be.

They embraced warm sounds and introspective lyrics as the fast life gave way to a kind of poetry. Unrushed and created in confortable spontaneity, they suddenly realized they'd created a cohesive story.

L'ERE du VERSEAU welcomes us to Yelle's next chapter. It's a message of joy, acknowledgement and acceptance - a hopeful collection of songs come just in time for an ever-changing world. OUT SEPT 4 2020