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The Baboon Show | Allergic To Humans
Lör 13 NovStrand, stora scenen

The Baboon Show | Allergic To Humans

Lör 13 Nov Dörrar: 19.00 strand, stora scenen 20 år (18 år på förköp)

The Baboon Show | Allergic To Humans

Var den du vill vara och ha kul medan du gör det! Oddballs, vi hälsar er!

The Baboon Show

Den nya The Baboon Show - singeln är för alla Oddballs där ute, alla felaktiga och utstötta som vill passa in eller inte. Vi känner oss verkligen som Oddballs. Var den du vill vara och ha kul medan du gör det! Oddballs, vi hälsar er!

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The new THE BABOON SHOW 7” ep is for all the Oddballs out there, all the misfits and outcasts who wants to fit in or not. We sure do feel like Oddballs. Be whoever you wanna be and have fun while doing it! Oddballs, we salute you!

Side A:ODDBALL - A powerful rocking tune with both attitude and humour in the most perfect THE BABOON SHOW way. A song about being yourself that will put you in a good mood.

Side B:HAVE A PARTY WITH ME - Originally written and recorded by the infamous Swedish rock’n’roll cruiser king Eddie Meduza. The title says it all.

Let’s party! Rest in peace Eddie.
When we released our latest 12” ep I Never Say Goodnight we said there is a new fullength album coming up. The world is still a mess because of the pandemic. We want to do everything that comes with the release of a new album properly and we’re just waiting for the right moment to release it. We can assure you that a killer album is on its way! But till then, we hope you enjoy ODDBALL!

The ODDBALL 7” ep comes as an exclusive bundle together with a twenty page comic book in full colour and a special ODDBALL embroidered patch. The comic book is illustrated by Gabriel Renner. Doctor Rock made the script mainly from real THE BABOON SHOW tour memories and stories. It’s truly great work and funny as hell! The comic book and patch are made exclusively for this bundle and won’t be sold separately.

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A new garage punk band from Sweden. It’s primitive, stripped down and intense. Churning guitar, tight punchy riffs and explosive/howly shout-along vocals. Depicting the rage and venting alienation rising all over the world at the moment. Swedish rock and roll (with a drop of soul) at it’s peak with a raw garage punk vibe which will perk you up and get your feet moving.

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