Debaser Strand 2022-12-10 2022-12-10
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2022-12-10Strand, stora scenen


Lör 10 Dec 24-03
Preparty in Capricci from 23!
strand, stora scenen 20 år
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The really queer club with really fake lashes

Are you ready to sweat glitter on the dance floor? Have you been waiting to serve a look that is fierce AF? Tonight is the night!!! 

LASHES is the place to go when you want to dance the night away without a care in the world. Get your life banger after banger, find the love of your life in the bathroom queue and make sure to wear waterproof mascara! 

This night is all about raw queer energy and feeling yourself!  Our DJs will be playing pop hits, remixes, house and all the right bops to keep you dancing all night long. The hostesses Brenda Mandlar and Ceviche de Chocho (yes honey, they’re drag queens!) will welcome you with a big smile and even bigger lashes!

Tell all your besties and get ready to queer up your night!
Instagram: @lasheslasheslashes